Wellington Drama Festival Results

38th Wellington Drama Festival – Sat 29th Oct to Sat Nov 5th 2011

at The Belfrey Theatre in Wellington, Telford.

The Awards

The Youth Section…

Best Play: “Wolf Boy” (Belfrey Youth Theatre)

Runner Up Best Play: “Day of Reckoning” (Greenroom Players)

Best Actor: Ben Hopkins (Q3 Academy)

Best Actress: Leah Johnson (Belfrey Youth Theatre)

Best Supporting Role: Rebecca Holliday (Greenroom Players)

Best Director: Lynne Shepherd (Belfrey Youth Theatre)

The Adult Section…

Best Play: “Two Women & A Chair” (Little Eyases)

Runner Up Best Play: “Day of Days” (Loose Cannons)

Best Actor: Keith Ellis (Shifnal STARS)

Best Actress: Aimee Cameron & Rachael Thomas (Little Eyases)

The Open Section…

Overall Winner: “Two Women & A Chair” (Little Eyases)

Best Director: Brian Hughes (Little Eyases)

Best Comedy: “Zoo” (Little Eyases)

Adjudicators Choice: “Day of Days” (Loose Cannons)

Best Overall Staging: “Two Women & A Chair” (Little Eyases)

Most Original Stage Presentation: “Christmas Under Canvas” (Tomorrow Productions)

Best Group Co-ordination and Co-operation: Loose Cannons

Outstanding Contribution to the Festival: Sarah Newall-Lecrivain

Best New Play: “Christmas Under Canvas” (Tomorrow Productions)