The Midnight Flower Press

mfp-poster-picIn July 2017 Belfrey Youth Theatre in Wellington will be performing The Midnight Flower Press – a musical set amidst the dangerous and cruel working conditions for children in pre-Victorian Britain.

The show follows a young girl called Flora who works in a cotton mill. Her father has died and Flora and her siblings are trying to care for their sick mother and earn enough to keep the family going.

However Flora has her father’s flower press and, together with her friends, dreams of selling their pressed flower pictures and getting out of the factory for good.

Conditions and treatment in the factories are cruel though and soon it becomes clear that these young people will need to stand up for themselves in order to change things…..and Flora realises her Flower Press could be used to print leaflets….

With devised choreography, lively chorus songs and beautiful and haunting solos, The Midnight Flower Press promises to be another triumph for this talented youth theatre.

Friday 14th – Sunday 16th July (7.30 pm Fri& Sat, 2.30pm Sat & Sun)

Tickets £8 (£6 concessions) or 01952 222277