Results of the 32nd Wellington Drama Festival

Youth Section

BEST PLAY – (Jose Grant Trophy) – “Droitwich Discovery” (Belfrey Youth Theatre)

BEST ACTOR – Andy McGowan in “Droitwich Discovery” (Belfrey Youth Theatre)

BEST ACTRESS – Heather Foster in “Heroin Lies” (Belfrey Youth Theatre)

BEST SUPPORTING ROLE – Hannah Crowson in “Heroin Lies” (Belfrey Youth Theatre)

BEST DIRECTOR (Coracle Cup) – Cherida Jones/Claire Foster for “Heroin Lies” (Belfrey Youth Theatre)

One-Act Section

BEST PLAY – “Ashes to Ashes” (Hereford Players)

RUNNER UP – “Sequence of Events” (Wellington Theatre Company)

BEST ACTOR – Amanda Watkins (Hereford Players)

BEST ACTRESS – Gordon Stewart (Hereford Players)

Full-Length Section

BEST PLAY – (Jose Grant Shield) – “Funny Peculiar” (Short & Curly Theatre)

BEST ACTOR – Richard Harris (Short & Curly Theatre)

BEST ACTRESS – Rhiannon Edwards (Short & Curly Theatre)

BEST SUPPORTING ROLE – Cain McCabe (Short & Curly Theatre)

Open Section

BEST OVERALL ATTAINMENT WITH A NEW PLAY (Jose Grant Diamond Jubilee Trophy) – “Good in the Kitchen” by David Titchenor (Tomorrow Productions)

OVERALL WINNER (Gary & Cath Davies Trophy) – “Ashes to Ashes” (Hereford Players)

BEST COMEDY (Leipacher Trophy) – “Funny Peculiar” (Short & Curly Theatre)

ADJUDICATORS CHOICE (Telford Journal Cup) – Belfrey Youth Theatre

BEST DIRECTOR – Beverley Powell for “Ashes to Ashes” (Hereford Players)

BEST OVERALL STAGING – “Funny Peculiar” (Short & Curly Theatre)

MOST ORIGINAL PRESENTATION (Marjorie Mather Rosebowl) – “Heroin Lies” (Belfrey Youth Theatre)

MOST ORGANISED CAST/CREW (Belfrey Trophy) – Hereford Players

MOST OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION TO THE FESTIVAL (Karl Leipacher Cup) – Andrew Foster, Stage Manager


Beryl Edwards in “Sequence of Events” (Wellington Theatre Company)

Rob Fisher in “Sequence of Events” (Wellington Theatre Company)

Emma Titchenor in “Good in the Kitchen” (Tomorrow Productions)

Michealjohn Butcher in “The Last of the Three of Us” (No Name Theatre Company)