The Wellington Theatre Comittee

Wellington Theatre Company is a registered charity Registered Number 514385.


President                 Annie Savage

Committee Members 2016/2017

Chairperson: Ben Branson

Vice Chairperson: Ali Fear

Secretary: Ali Fear (acting)

Treasurer: Joe Maclean

Theatre Manager: Andrew Foster

Belfrey Youth Leader: Clare Foster

Membership Secretary: to be confirmed

Festival Organiser: Brian Hughes

Playwriting Competition Organiser: Vacant

Lighting & Sound Manager: Andrew Foster (caretaking)

Wardrobe Mistress: to be confirmed

Front Of House & Bar Rota Manager: to be confirmed

Box Office Manager: Joe Maclean & Ali Fear

Cleaning Manager: Amanda Bailey, Daisy Fallon

Publicity Officers: to be confirmed

Programmes: Amanda Bailey

Webmaster: Brian Hughes

Belfrey Players Liaison: Ruth Cowell

Bar Licensees: Clare Foster & Joe Maclean

Other Posts (non committee): Belfrey Youth Leaders: Heather Foster, Ali Fear, Erin Shrimpton, Brian Hughes

Social Organiser: Vacant

Belfrey Arts Trust Board Members  Andrew Foster,  Joe Maclean