37th Wellington Drama Festival

Once again, another great Drama Festival has come and gone so quickly. This year we didn’t have as many entries into the festival as we normally do, but the standard of drama on offer was very high quality indeed. A big thank you to Kate Ryan for organising another brilliant festival once again, I’m sure some of you are already looking forward to next years now. It was particularly gratifying to see such a large audience for Lord of The Flies, as that was their only performance with the set, which went up Friday morning and was removed Friday night. The carpet rocks have been saved as have the dead tree, hill and beach if you should want to do it again!

The Belfrey scooped a fair few trophies and awards at the Awards Ceremony on the Saturday evening. Well done to those who have been involved in one or more plays during the week and extra special thanks to those who have looked after our audiences and visiting groups front of house and passed the stage door. Please see the award results page of the newsletter to see who/what group won what award in the festival. Please look at for the awards ceremony photographs which will soon be on display in the foyer. Here’s to next years….!!