The building that is now the Belfrey Theatre was originally part of the Prince’s Street Infants School.  Josie Grant, the guiding light of the Wellington Theatre Company (established in 1939), was keen to find a permanent home for the company having produced plays at various venues in and around Wellington, including: The Grammar School, Drill Hall and Charlton Arms Hotel. 

After the Prince’s Street School closed, the Belfrey Arts Trust was established and purchased the school buildings from the local Authority for just £1.  Legend has it that the Belfrey name was taken when Jose said of the project “I must have bats in my belfry”  History is unclear as to who made the spelling mistake that turned “Belfry” into “Belfrey”!

 The Wellington Theatre Company is a self-funding registered charity that rents the theatre from the Belfrey Arts Trust, itself a registered charity and registered company set up to manage the arts centre. 

It receives no financial support from any other organisation or government body.  The running costs of the theatre and all its performances are met through box office receipts, bar sales, raffle etc.  

All the people who carry out the many tasks it takes to run this theatre are unpaid volunteers.