Results of the 38th Wellington Drama Festival

The 38th Wellington Drama Festival

Sat 29th Oct to Sat Nov 5th 2011

At The Belfrey Theatre in Wellington, Telford.

The Awards

The Youth Section…

Best Play: “Wolf Boy” (Belfrey Youth Theatre)

Runner Up Best Play: “Day of Reckoning” (Greenroom Players)

Best Actor: Ben Hopkins (Q3 Academy)

Best Actress: Leah Johnson (Belfrey Youth Theatre)

Best Supporting Role: Rebecca Holliday (Greenroom Players)

Best Director: Lynne Shepherd (Belfrey Youth Theatre)

The Adult Section…

Best Play: “Two Women & A Chair” (Little Eyases)

Runner Up Best Play: “Day of Days” (Loose Cannons)

Best Actor: Keith Ellis (Shifnal STARS)

Best Actress: Aimee Cameron & Rachael Thomas (Little Eyases)

The Open Section…

Overall Winner: “Two Women & A Chair” (Little Eyases)

Best Director: Brian Hughes (Little Eyases)

Best Comedy: “Zoo” (Little Eyases)

Adjudicators Choice: “Day of Days” (Loose Cannons)

Best Overall Staging: “Two Women & A Chair” (Little Eyases)

Most Original Stage Presentation: “Christmas Under Canvas” (Tomorrow Productions)

Best Group Co-ordination and Co-operation: Loose Cannons

Outstanding Contribution to the Festival: Sarah Newall-Lecrivain

Best New Play: “Christmas Under Canvas” (Tomorrow Productions)

There were no Full Length Plays presented.