Results of the 41st Wellington Drama Festival

Youth Section
Best Play – Bugsy Malone (Belfrey Youth Theatre)
Runner Up Best Play – ths phne 2.0:the next generation (Belfrey Youth Theatre)
Best Director – Lynne Carney & Lynne Shepherd (Bugsy Malone)
Best Actor – Tom Opperman (Bugsy Malone in Bugsy Malone)
Best Actress – Lauren Clarke (Tallulah in Bugsy Malone)
Best Supporting Role – Fiona Boyle (Saxophonist in Bugsy Malone)

Adult One Act Section 
Best Play – The Magic of Madness (Belfrey Players)
Runner Up Best Play – The Teacher (Tomorrow Productions)
Best Actor – Peter Bridges (The Teacher in The Teacher)
Best Actress – Leah Johnson, Ali Fear, Ruth Cowell and Laura Delves (Natalie, Annie, Ray and Opal in The Magic of Madness)

Full Length Section
Best Play – The Accrington Pals (Wellington Theatre Company)
Best Actor – Joseph Ross (Ralph in The Accrington Pals)
Best Actress – Laura Delves (May in The Accrington Pals)
Best Supporting Role – Jack King (Arthur in The Accrington Pals)

Open Section
Overall Winner – The Accrington Pals
Best Director – Lynne Carney & Lynne Shepherd (Bugsy Malone)
Adjudicators Choice – Bugsy Malone (For the live music)
Most Outstanding Contribution to the Festival – Victoria Cooper (For her roles in Accrington Pals and Teechers
Most Original Stage Presentation – The Accrington Pals
Best Overall Staging – Bugsy Malone 
Best Comedy – Teechers (Belfrey Players)
Best New Play – The Teacher