Results of the 37th Wellington Drama Festival

The 37th Wellington Drama Festival

Tues Nov 2nd to Sat Nov 6th 2010

At The Belfrey Theatre in Wellington, Telford.

The Awards

The Youth Section…

Best Play: “Totally Over You” (Belfrey Youth Theatre)

Runner Up Best Play: “The Project” (Green Room Players)

Best Actor: Wilfred Hatton (Belfrey Youth Theatre)

Best Actress: Mollie Rowley (Belfrey Players)

(Nominated – Roxy Roscoe)

Best Supporting Role: Chris Hutton (Belfrey Players)

(Nominated – Megan Gater)

Best Director: Lynne Shepherd (Belfrey Youth Theatre)

The Adult Section…

Best Play: “Mere Mortals” (Theatre On The Steps)

Runner Up Best Play: “Peas” (Broseley ADS)

Best Actor: Rich Harris (Theatre On The Steps)

(Nominated – Tim Crowson, Rob Honeywell, Richard Harris & Dominic Silk)

Best Actress: Sarah Newall-Lecrivain (Wellington Theatre Company)

(Nominated – Jo Hudson)

Best Director: Natalie Goldup & Dominic Silk (Belfrey Players)

(Nominated – Annie Savage)

The Open Section…

Overall Winner: “Mere Mortals” (Theatre On The Steps)

Best Comedy: “Peas” (Broseley ADS)

Adjudicators Choice: John Binns for Tubby Wadlow (Wellington Theatre Company)

Best Overall Staging: “Hobson’s Choice” (Wellington Theatre Company)

Most Original Stage Presentation: “The Project” (Green Room Players)

Best Group Co-ordination and Co-operation: Tomorrow Productions

Outstanding Contribution to the Festival: Andrew Foster & Matt Richardson

Best New Play: “Bob A Job” (Tomorrow Productions)

The Full Length Section…

Best Play: “Hobson’s Choice” (Wellington Theatre Company)